(Maxore) Iron Ores

Maxore (Maksor) is a dynamic mining company with primary focus on iron ore and base metals. Maxore owns a lincese to explore and operate the Kuluncak Iron Ore located in Malatya, Southeast of Turkey. Maxore's vision is to develop, operate and manufacture base metal mines to attain sustainable growth. Accordingly, the company is exploring greenfield mining opportunities in iron ore and other base metals.

Studies of Kuluncak Iron Ore have been conducted according to the JORC code. Resource estimation of Kuluncak Iron Ore is above 20 million tones. Maxore aims at maximizing resource utilization and value addition to its products. In 2011, the company invested in first-stage dry beneficiation plant which was expanded in 2012.

The company will complete wet beneficiation plant investment in 2016. After beneficiation, 60-62% Fe grade is expected at Kuluncak.

Maxore Flag 2008

A JV with Exxaro was established as Exxaro Madencilik. Exploration studies were conducted at Kuluncak Ore by Exxaro Base Metals.



Phase I and II of reserve studies were completed per the JORC code. Small scale mining operations had started.


Feasibility studies and small scale mining operations were concluded.



After Exxaro's shares were taken by Endeks Holding and Group companies, name of the Company was changed to Maksor Madencilik (Maxore Mining). Mining operations had started. First phase of dry beneficiation plant was completed.



Second phase of dry beneficiation plant was completed. Mining operations continued.


Maxore's vision is to exploit natural resources to become the leading mining company in the region, and to deliver high quality products at international standards.

(Maxore) Iron Ores

Maxore's mission is to maintain sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly business.

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